Bloomingdale’s is America’s only nationwide, full-line, upscale department store. With an enduring international reputation for quality, creativity and uniqueness, Bloomingdale's is at the forefront of retailing worldwide. Our emphasis on distinctive products, available only at, or first at Bloomingdale’s, together with a passionate focus on creating special customer services, allows us to build lasting relationships with our clientele.

Level 1, Level 2
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New In The Ski Shop

The latest arrivals to swish into our seasonal boutique: outdoor-adventure brands Erin Snow, Cordova and Halfdays. Stop by and shop in store today.

Time For a Bra Refresh

Build a strong foundation with best-selling bras, underwear, and tights. Stop by and shop in store today.

Discover Gucci’s Aria Collection

Stop by and check out our latest styles in store today!

  (703) 556-4600

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