Now Hiring - Sales Associate

Posted September 2, 2021  |  URBAN OUTFITTERS

Job Description

A Sales Associate contributes to driving sales through providing service to customers in a real and authentic way. The Sales Associate drives the energy within the UO store experience. They are a team player through supporting daily processes, maintaining product and visual standards, and adapting in the fast-paced store environment. They are curious and take initiative to understand the company goals, promotions and product offerings. They build relationships naturally through being open and engaging, embracing individuality, and sharing advice.

Job Responsibilities


  • Brand Ambassador: acts as a brand representative reflective of the company values 
    Customer Engagement: initiates conversation, shares advice and product knowledge to interact with the customer in a personalized way. 
  • Store Technology: utilizes technology to be well-informed on company priorities and promotions in-store and online; delivers a seamless, omni channel shopping experience through utilization of the tools available to service the customer (i.e. MPOS, POS, In-Store & Curbside Pick Up). 


  • Positivity: contributes to the store by being positive, respectful, and helpful to others 
  • Team Player: collaborates with peers and leadership, sharing ideas and jumping in to support the needs of the team.   
  • Adaptable: exhibits a willingness to learn and adapt; is flexible to change and open to try new ways of doing things. 


  • Store Environment: maintains Urban Outfitters’ visual and operational standards while keeping the focus on the customer.
  • Product Flow: supports the shipment process to gain awareness of product including what’s new and what’s already on the floor; contributes to completion of omni order fulfillment processes.
  • Awareness: adheres to store’s safety standards, inventory accuracy, reduction of product loss, and upholds all company policy and procedures to support the profitability of the store.

How to Apply

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