Now Hiring - Brand Associate

Posted September 1, 2021  |  GAP

Job Description

As a Brand Associate, you’re an integral part of our team and bring our brand to life for our customers. You’re responsible for engaging and connecting with our customers by providing excellent customer service resulting in brand loyalty. You’re an expert in product and use your knowledge and experience to educate, inform, inspire and wardrobe the customer. Through collaboration with your leadership team, you’ll deliver a best-in-class customer experience using an omni-channel approach.

Job Qualifications


  • Fulfils assigned tasks • Works towards commercial and business goals, focuses on activity 
  • Understands the importance to the business of achieving commercial success


  • Responds to the customer.
  • Responds to customer requests, when asked.
  • Knows and can describe own immediate operating environment well.
  • Describes and focuses on the organization’s offerings to the customer.
  • Has basic understanding of the customer and uses it.
  • Listens to the customer’s feedback and acts on it.
  • Knows and can describe general industry characteristics and trends.
  • Identifies the basic forces of the market at a general level: typical customers, suppliers, products, and biggest or best-known competitors.


  • Acts in line with values and guiding principles
  • Learns the corporate values 
  • Consistent in own behavior
  • Tells the truth when asked; answers questions honestly


  • Reacts to a challenging situation.
  • Uses immediate and available knowledge, skills and resources to work towards outcome.
  • Open to considering alternative solutions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Consistently treat all customers
    and employees with respect and contribute to a positive work environment.
  • Promote loyalty by educating customers about our loyalty programs.
  • Seek out and engage with customers to drive sales and service using suggestive selling.
  • Enhance customer experience using all omnichannel offerings.
  • Be accountable to personal goals which contribute to overall store goals and results.
  • Support sales floor, fitting room, cash wrap, back of house, as required.
  • Maintain a neat, clean and organized work center.
  • Handle all customer interactions and potential issues/returns courteously and professionally.
  • Execute operational processes effectively and efficiently.

How to Apply

To apply for this position please go to