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Shift Leaders and Doughnuteers

Posted February 12, 2020  |  Doughnuttery

Now hiring for the following positions:

Shift leader: 

Essential Functions: 
1. Perform opening duties 
2. oversee the preparation of the product while following recipes and guidelines 
3. monitor customer wait times and adjust when applicable 
4. work all positions during high volume times
5. interact with staff, including management and other employees 
6. oversees the maintenance, cleanliness and organization of the shop 
7. monitor delivery couriers 
8. perform closing duties
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 
1. High school diploma or equivalent is preferred 
2. food handlers' certificate 
3. able to meet deadline, to concentrate and pay attention to detail
4. able to understand and adhere t policies, brand standards, and procedures 
5. able to meet the physical demands of standing , walking, bending, lifting, stooping or performing other work requiring physical exertion up to 80% of the shift 



Essential Functions:
1. Perform opening duties 
2. Stock and set up station prior to start of every shift
3. bring all necessary utensils to the station 
4. Keep entire area clean at all times
5. Prepare quality products to exact recipe
6. Make doughnuts 
7. Sugar or glaze doughnuts
8. Take customer's orders 
9. Box and bag them correctly 
10. Label boxes appropriately 
11. Make batter 
12. Restock product as needed
13. Expedite catering and delivery orders 
14. Work efficiently and at a fast pace 
15. Follow Sanitation rules
16. Maintain equipment properly 
17. Perform closing duties 
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 
1. Follow directions well 
2. English language proficiency 
3. Be organized, multi task oriented, mature and efficient 
4. Abide by all company policies and procedures
5. Uphold all brand standards 
6. Minimum age 18 years of age 
7. Have a high school diploma or equivalent

Contact Information

For more information and to apply please email us at: 
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