Altar'd State — Stock Captain

January 25, 2018


Captain Overview:
Guests love shopping our merchandise and being in our stores. It’s so important that as shipments arrive, they are processed immediately and filled onto the floor. Replenishment comes in based on past sales, so those items are just as important as new merchandise. If she loves it and we are sold out or sold down on units, we need to get it back out there so her friends can see it too! Once the sales floor is filled to capacity and items are back stocked, it’s extremely critical that it stays organized and accessible to be filled in daily. As team members fill the floor, this makes more room in the stockroom for new arrivals. As long as the cycle stays moving, the process should be seamless! In addition to filling in merchandise and keeping things organized, there are times our guests need to use our restrooms, which are typically in the stockroom. It is really important that we keep a neat, tidy, and clean stockroom as well as bathrooms. As the guest passes through the back, they should have a clear path to a clean and clutter-free bathroom.

Skill Set:
The Stock Captain should be organized and work with a sense of urgency. They should be forward thinking and be able to react to the needs of the merchandise and space, since the stockroom is always changing. The Captain should have a passion for working in a clean, clutter-free, organized environment. A keyholder would be best suited for this Captain role. 

Primary Responsibilities as Captain:

• Stock Captain should be prepared with carton count information before shipment arrives each day.
• As shipment arrives in store, Captain should document boxes and compare UPS information to ensure accuracy. Any discrepancies or issues are the responsibility of the Stock Captain to report to the Operations Assistant Manager, Store Manager, and/or the Distribution Center. Direct line of communication will be determined on a store by store basis. I.e., if a store doesn’t have an Operations Manager, Stock Captain should report to the Store Manager. Innovation stores may allow Stock Captain to contact the DC directly, at the manager’s discretion, including the Operations Manager of all issues.
• All shipment should be dated, sorted by category, and processed within 24 hrs. As larger deliveries begin to arrive at the store, placing dates on the boxes will ensure the oldest is processed first, following a “first in, first out” method. This procedure will also ensure timeliness and accuracy of processing within 24 hours. 
• The Stock Captain may take items to the sales floor as time permits and with management approval.
• Stock Captain should make sure all backstock is organized and placed in designated locations in the stockroom.
• The stockroom set up is constantly changing based on new deliveries. The Stock Captain should be open to the changes and flex the set up as needed. As the stockroom begins to empty out, the Captain should take the lead on consolidating and moving items closer to the front for easier accessibility, also making room for new deliveries.
• Captain should make sure fixtures, cleaning supplies, hardware bins, bags, tissue, and other items stored in the stockroom are neat and organized. 
• Hangers must be maintained as they begin to accumulate during the non-peak times of the year. They should be boxed, labeled, and stored out of the way. 
• Clean bathrooms are a responsibility of the entire store team, but the Stock Captain should follow up to ensure it is being done regularly and jump in to clean them as needed.  
• Stock Captain should lead the execution of stockroom markdowns, or follow up on next shift to ensure accuracy. They should assist in bringing items to the sales floor as it transitions to the sale area.
• Stock Captain should follow up with Visual or Store Manager about any old displays or window props to determine if they should be discarded. 
• Stock Captain should maintain a neat stockroom while processing shipment. Since this will take place during business hours, the store team and guests needing the restroom, should be able to get in and out of the stockroom safely, without delay. 
• Where quantities permit, the Stock Captain should wear a headset so they can check on items for the associates on the sales floor and run them to the floor. This will keep the other associates present on the sales floor.
• The stockroom should be kept neat, clean, and organized at all times. All trash and boxes should always be taken out and never accumulate over multiple days. Floor should be swept daily and mopped weekly. Bathroom trash should be collected before the end of shift. Sale floor and office trash should be collected by the closing team and placed by back door. Time of day for trash removal is determined on a store-by-store basis. 

Equal Opportunity Employer

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