Ann Taylor — Stylist

July 6, 2017


Fit might not come across on a job description. But candidates who "fit" feel strongly connected with all the things a woman values, believes in, supports defends, embraces, loves. They're relationship builders, team players, believers in fashion first and people always. Those "one in a million" candidates are the ones we covet. Because they're capable of shaping an experience that will make someone's day; inspire her to look, feel and be her best. They make it happen. Because they get it. Because they fit. 

 At Ann Taylor our Stylists are Authentic, Engaging, and Confident. We take pride in curating looks that are always relevant to her lifestyle. We are Inquisitive and Perceptive to her needs. Our Stylists have a strong understanding of current trends and are able to style any piece in the collection with a clear understanding of fit and styling intent. We are Collaborative; we view the styling process as a platform for her to discover and evolve her style to help her look and feel her best.


We are currently looking for candidates who can make it happen, because they get it, because they fit! Please apply via the link below if you believe you would be a good fit for our Stylist role here at Ann Taylor, Tysons Corner.


Equal Opportunity Employer

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