March 13, 2017


General Summary
In addition to the duties detailed in the cast member job description, Leads assume additional responsibility within the store. Specific duties include responsibility for opening and closing procedures and duties as Director-in-Charge for limited periods of time. Leads assist the Store Director and Specialist with client service, sales, productivity, and operational functions.  Ensures the adherence to the SEPHORA concept and culture; ensures maximum profitability and compliance with SEPHORA’s objectives and policies.   
Leads do not have the authority to hire, administer disciplinary action or terminate any member of the store team.
Duties and Responsibilities
As a Role Model
• Demonstrate and model client service and onstage leadership standards.
• Be punctual at work and with all deadlines.
• Demonstrate self-control in all circumstances.
• Take initiative: being able to react to situations in the moment and business opportunities as they arise.
• Be available and flexible to various behavioral styles with cast by coaching to meet the needs of individuals. 
• Be perceived as a leader and maintain objective and professional relationships with brand partners, key stakeholders, cast, peers, and supervisors.
• Demonstrate high ethical standards.

As a DIC
• Set the tone on stage – keep product consultants motivated, smiling, and servicing clients.
• Observe the stage to ensure cast members follow the Sephora style of selling and service using the WE CARE+ process.
• Observe client flow throughout the store and rezone product consultants to ensure optimal coverage. Ensure that cast is aware when a client is in their zone. 
• Provide effective coaching in the moment.
• Make touchbases interactive and fun while presenting the financial overview of the business (“big picture”) .
• Ensure maintenance standards and presentations standards.  Assign tasks to cast members to maintain maximum productivity during down time. 
• Handle client complaints efficiently and effectively. 
• Communicate hourly reads, and zone and break changes.
• Ensure cast members adhere to the Sephora dress code. Identify and address concerns.
• Lead by example with all company initiatives and crusades.
Store Presentation
• Ensure that standards of cleanliness and organization are maintained by current company standards
• Drawers
• Price postings
• Assortments
• Area of Pride (AOP)
• Set-up merchandising presentations and animations that adhere to and enhance the SEPHORA concept.
• Assist in maintaining standards of safety and cleanliness of “back stage:” stock room, lockers, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

Store Operations/Leadership
• Open and close the store.
• Appropriately react and handle emergencies and loss prevention issues when opening or closing the store (in the absence of exempt team).
• Create and execute the store touch base and zoning.
• Make sound decisions on whether or not to add or cut payroll hours. 
• Effective decisions based around payroll, sales, and current sale trends.  Sign check refunds, cast member purchases, and replenish change.
• Quality decision making skills that reflect values and store policies by using available resources (Leadership team, internal reference material). 

• Adhere to communication guidelines for Email, Store Planner, etc.
• Communicate appropriately and effectively with key stakeholders, partners, brands, and leadership team.


Knowledge, Skills Required:
• Excellent communication and client service skills
• Entry level analytical and basic math skills
• Cosmetic experience desirable
• Proficient in Windows, Word, Excel desirable

Experience Preferred:
• 1-2 years in retail/service industry management/supervision 

Minimum educational level
• High School Graduate or equivalent. College degree preferred
• Proficiency in a foreign language desirable

Requirements of the Job
• Verbally communicate with clients and employees in a clear manner
• Move around “on-stage,” “back stage” and offices
• Operate POS and personal computer and calculator
• Lift and carry 50 pounds
• Work in a fragrance filled environment
• Handle and apply cosmetic products to clients
• Bend and stretch to stock shelves
• Willingness to work flexible hours
• Wear costume provided 
• Follow personal appearance guidelines as stated in the Employee Handbook 
• Consistent and reliable attendance
• Count cash and balance registers

Contact Information

Please contact to apply.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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